Stress Management and
Light Therapy Certification

Polychromatic Light 

Technologies & Therapeutics


Blending stress management coaching strategies with light therapy technology is a novel and effective approach to health recovery and performance optimization.  Become an informed advocate 

for this amazing healing technology.  

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About Us


Dedicated Educators

You deserve the best! SMCPLT instructors  challenge themselves and their students to keep pace with the photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT) industry  - its technologies and its therapeutics.   Some of our faculty are published experts in the PBMT field.   All bring a lifetime of experience in the healing arts.   


Certification Curriculum

The SMCPLT Certification and Licensing curriculum is the industry standard in PBMT education.  The 225 credit hour online, self-paced study program is blended with live, interactive support from instructors and past graduates. Group chats to foster a cooperative learning environment where learning happens.  


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide online interactive competency based professional education in stress management  incorporating PBMT using polychromatic LED technology. Graduates are prepared to implement and advocate for photobiomodulation therapy as a safe and effective adjunctive stress management modality supporting the innate healing capacities of the body.  

Certification Course Set


Anatomy & Physiology

Provides a foundation for understanding the effects of photobiomodulation on each body system. 

PLT Technologies

Five modules of content on polychromatic LED light technologies including wavelengths, pulsed rates, dosing parameters, joules, etc.

PLT Therapeutics

Five modules of content integrating the use of PLT for photobiomodulation effects on pain and 4 different body systems: skin, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, central nervous system.


Designed for students to practice their new skill sets with family and friends.  These practice sessions are documented and discussed with your course mentor. 


The SMCPLT Internship is designed to showcase your new-found competence in the field of stress management using PBM technologies and therapeutics. The Internship is co-designed with a faculty mentor.  

Student Community Conversations

SMCPLT has launched a Community Conversation (weekly teleconference call) designed to support students taking the Certification Course Set.  Faculty, graduates, and new students gather to support each other as we learn more about this amazing healing strategy.


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